Glosary - AIR
Airfreight forwarder
Airfreight Forwarder
AirwayBill - Airfright letter
Airplane cargo area under the passenger deck
Black List
Confirmation of an airline - mostly demanded by Arabian customers in L/C
Bonded Warehouse
Customs warehouse
rented airplane or freight area
Check In
Handing over of the goods and transport documents to the airline
Temporary prohibition to send consignments to a certain place or country
House-Airwaybill (HAWB)
Your freight document in the case of consignments in consolidated transport
International Air Transport Association - International umbrella organisation for the complete air transport
Lower Deck
Freight area under the passenger deck
Main Deck
Main deck in the freight planes or in mixed version planes
Consolidated document for your consignments within a consolidated transport (at the forwarder«s) or in the case of all loadings an a flight (at the airlines)
Master-Airwaybill (MAWB)
Consolidated airfreight bill from forwarder to forwarder (consolidation)
Mixed Version
Plane with a separate "Main Deck" for passengers and freight
Pallet Station
Place to finalise the preparation on the plane palettes
the first 3 numbers of the airlines (e. g.AWB 618 ... = SQ)
Transport path of the freight (e.g. via different un/re-loading airports)
Routing Order
General contract to a certain business partner to send your consignments at the tariffs and with the service agreed with Gebrüder Weiss
Unit Load Devices
Also U.L.D - different means of loading for the airfreight transport
Volume Weight
In the case of bulky goods
Warszaw Convention
International Agreement concerning the air freight transport