Integrated Logistics - SCM
CPL provides a total logistics solution to its customers from freight forwarding to consultancy and solutions encompassing all your requirements.

We at CPL, make sure that each step of your supply chain is carefully coordinated & managed. Our staff comprised of professionals who are committed to securing the process so as to meet your requirements. With our global network round the globe, we can support your buying, selling & logistics processes anywhere in the world. To optimize the Logistics processes, we examine each step in your logistics chain from start to finish. We secure each link in the chain to see that logistics runs smoothly & efficiently.

The right thing, in the right place, at the right time in the right conduction at the right cost is what CPL believes right Logistics to be. With that CPL as a part of 3 PL service provider performs your outsourced Logistics activities, gives more customized services- & has long term commitments.

With us, the advantages to you as a user would be

Cost reduction
dug freight forwarding
Improved efficiency, service & flexibility
Build to order systems.
Total control through professionals.