Multimodal - Sea / Air / Surface

The principle of Sea-Air in freight systems through us as a professional service provider alliance for huge savings in freight, as well as with cutting down on transact by freight.

Cargo Planners offers its Customers Multimodal solution that encompasses a combination of airfreight & sea freight services.

We at Cargo Planners have come up with a truly competitive & successful Sea-Air service using its strengths in Ocean freight & Airfreight.

Strong ties with the airlines and shipping lines allows us the flexibility to use carriers of our choice, resulting in saving of money & time. Cargo Planners having a global coverage gives you Pareto Optimality – the best that could be achieved, without disadvantaging any group requirement

We maintain our competitiveness, meet the tight delivery times that we commit to and provide complete control from point of source to destination.

Our goal is to provide cost effective global freight services through the integration of technology and one network with considerable savings in time & cost.