Project and Break Bulk Cargo
CPL is one of the few companies skilled in handling Bulk Project Movement. These can be heavy machinery or industrial projects like steel, cement, power or petrochemicals plants, oil & gas exploration, mining, etc. Cost effective and tailor-made solutions are developed to cater to project movement.

• Our integrated logistics profile enables us to be an idyllic source of projects
   handling through a  combination of Ocean-Air-Road-Rail.
• Arrangements of fleet of special projects handling equipment
• Aided by equipment like Prime Movers, Hydraulic Axles, Heavy Lift, RORO,
  Barge, Mobile Cranes,   Jacking& Lifting systems, Tippers, Pay Loaders and
  Trailers etc.

The service starts with assessment and consultancy on every aspect of a cargo movement and finishes with delivery. It includes Execution, coordination and supervision, Import process evaluation and customs clearance etc.

For non-containerized cargo, CPL has significant expertise. Door to door delivery transport of heavy lifts is all done in a very professional & thus reliable manner. We have extra care for loose cargo, such as cartons directly on the ship’s hold as opposed to containerized.